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Application Development

We create custom Linux, Windows and Android software applications that are as unique as your business and create unique business advantages for you.

Our software artisans build quality custom Web applications, Linux applications, Windows applications and Android applications that are based on free-to-use, open-source and commercial off-the-shelf technologies using world best software engineering practices.

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We are best at crafting:

  • Desktop Applications;
  • Web Applications;
  • Mobile Applications for Android;
  • Telephony Self-Service Applications;
  • Telephony Control Applications;
  • Media Processing Applications;
  • Database Applications;
  • Process Automation Applications; and
  • Systems Integration Applications.

Our custom software application development service gives you access to experienced business analysts, software engineers, software testers and technical writers.

All members of our team are experts in one or more engineering domains and systematically apply best engineering practices. In addition, all of us have the necessary experience to quickly grasp the big picture and then set out and perform the hands-on work that is required to get the job done on time and on budget.

We guarantee that quality and efficiency will remain our top priority during at all times. In addition, we never compromise on systems approach to engineering and iterative approach to managing risk and complexity. Finally, our streamlined processes, world-class tools and strict adherence to milestones ensure that you reap the benefits such as lower project costs, reduced engineering risk and shorter time to measurable business benefit.

Engineering Activities

Our software application development service includes the following engineering activities:

  • Requirements Analysis - to create comprehensive requirements specification for your software application or product.
  • Software Architecting - to create suitable architecture for your software application or product.
  • Software Design - to design in detail your software application or product.
  • Code Crafting - to write high quality code in languages such as Java, C#, C++ and C.
  • Software Testing - to verify that your software application or product functions as specified.
  • Component Engineering - to create reusable software assets for your organisation.
  • Technical Writing - to create manuals and guides for your software application or product.


Will I be the owner of the application once complete?

Absolutely. We assign all intellectual property (design, code …) that we create during application development to you. You become the owner of it all once your bill is paid in full.

Do you guarantee you work?

Yes we do. All software applications that we create are covered by lifetime warranty. This means that we will fix any defects free of charge during the lifetime of applications (of course, conditions apply).

What process do you use to create software applications?

We use a custom systems and software engineering process which has been streamlined and tested over the past 20 years on over 100 projects in a number of large R&D organisations with offices across the globe. Key attributes of the process are the iterative approach to engineering and its evolutionary lifecycle. As a result, you will see results early and often.

Do you write applications in Java?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact Java is the primary languages that we use to write applications. However, we also use C, C++ and C# where necessary.

We have an old application, but it no longer runs on our new computers. What can we do?

There are two options. If you have the source code for the application, then we can modify it so it runs on your new computers. If you do not have the source code, then we can create a new version of the application, from scratch, that will run on your new computers.

Do you use off-shore developers?

Our core engineering and intellectual capability resides in Sydney, Australia. We do all our work in our engineering office in Sydney and use experienced and qualified engineers that live and work in Australia. All confidential information that you give us remains under restricted access as long as we have it.

Generally, we do not use off-shore engineers and developers. However, it may be more cost effective to do so for some mundane tasks. In such cases, and if you agree to it, then we will use off-shore engineers and developers to complete work.

How long does it take to create a software application?

It depends. Small software applications can take as little as 4-6 weeks. Larger and more complex applications can take 12, or more, months.


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