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Business Systems Engineering

We design and install all custom business IT and telephone systems that meet your exact requirements and improve the performance of your operations.

We combine experience in technology R&D with hands-on business systems engineering experience to create all custom business IT and telephone systems that meet your exact requirements and that are free of the limitations of similar systems provided by the major technology providers.

Example network diagram.Example network diagram.Example network diagram.Example network diagram.Example network diagram.

A purpose built system from us can help you:

  • grow your business;
  • improve the performance of your business operations;
  • improve your customer service;
  • tap into wider markets; and
  • constructively engage your employees and partners.

We are best at:

  • VoIP Telephone Systems;
  • Call Recording Systems;
  • Wireless and Wired Data Networks;
  • Windows Business Servers;
  • Linux Business Servers;
  • Remote Access and VPN Systems;
  • Mobile Workforce Systems;
  • Process Automation System;
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems;
  • Virus, Malware and Spam Control Systems; and
  • Data Storage, Backup and Recovery Systems.

Our custom business system engineering service gives you access to experienced systems engineering team that includes business analysts, solution architects, software integration engineers, project managers and technical writers.

All members of our team are experts in one or more engineering domains and systematically apply best engineering practices. In addition, all of us have the necessary experience to quickly grasp the big picture and then set out and perform the hands-on work that is required to get the job done on time and on budget.

We guarantee that quality and efficiency will remain our top priority at all times. In addition, we never compromise on systems approach to engineering and iterative approach to managing risk and complexity. Finally, our streamlined processes, world-class tools and strict adherence to milestones ensure that you reap the benefits such as lower project costs, reduced engineering risk and shorter time to measurable business benefit.

Engineering Activities

Our business system engineering service includes the following engineering activities:

  • Requirements Analysis - to create comprehensive business and solution requirements specification for your solution.
  • Solution Architecting - to create suitable architectures for your solution.
  • Solution Design - to design your solution using open-source and/or proprietary technology.
  • Solution Integration - to create the components that integrate your solution with your existing business systems.
  • Solution Deployment - to install and configure all components that are part of your solution and migrate the business critical data to the new solution.
  • Project Management - to plan and control the solution engineering effort.
  • Solution Lifetime Support - to make sure that your solution continues to benefit your business during its lifetime.


We are a start-up and need to setup our business IT systems. How can you help?

We can design and install a complete IT system (desktops, servers, network, applications …) based on Linux or Windows technologies. In addition, we can design and install a telephony system complete with access to the telephony provider of your choice.

We must start recording our calls. How do we do it?

Call recording is our specialty. We can recommend suitable and affordable call recording device and, if you agree, we can install and configure it on your network with no interruption to your business operations.

I am being hacked! Can you help?

Yes, we will make it our top priority. An engineer with system security experience will perform a quick security audit of your systems to start with and close all possible security holes. Then, with your permission, we will setup ‘traps’ to gather court admissible evidence of hacking.

Can you improve the mobility of my staff?

Yes, we certainly can. We can introduce systems to your existing IT and telephony infrastructure which will allow your staff to work and access your business systems in a secure fashion from any location around the world.

We want to move to VoIP. Can you assist?

Absolutely. VoIP technology is one of our specialties. We can recommend an open-source or commercial VoIP solution for your business, a migration strategy and if you agree, we can implement the solution with minimal interruption to your business operations.

Can you build us an Asterisk server?

Definitely. Open source Linux telephony servers based on Asterisk or sipXecs are just as easy for us to build as it is building standard e-mail and web servers based on Linux technologies.

I purchased a Windows Small Business Server 2012 for my business. What do I do?

Don’t worry. We can get the server fully operational in a jiffy. In addition, we will get your Windows desktops and laptops using the server at the same time.


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